Generation MLM Plan

The Generation MLM Plan or MLM Generation Plan is a Multi-level marketing business plan based on profit sharing marketing Business.

It is also called as Gap Commission Plans, Repurchase Plans in some other names. Generation Plan MLM is recognized to be the powerful MLM Plan which can be paid up to many levels deep. Get a Complete MLM Software Solutions for MLM Generation Plan from the top notch Network Marketing Software company.

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How does MLM Generation Plan work?

A generation is a whole volume from upline to downline (this includes people with the same and different ranks). The technical working principle of this MLM Plan can be described using the following example: Assume 16 levels, consisting of only 4 generations. The amount you can get will be more in the case of the first generation and will be getting reduced for the following generations respectively. Let’s make it more clear, if you pay 10% on your very first generation, it will only be 6% on the second, 4% on the third generation, and 2% on the fourth.

Key Features of The Generation Plan
  • Web-based Application
  • 100% Cost-Effective
  • Transfer of E-pin management
  • Member Management MLM Report
  • User-Friendly Interface